Latest Release

Cascade Summer Waltz

released July 7, 2016 

recorded in April of 2016 
mostly in a small apartment in downtown Bellingham, WA. 
but also across the Pacific Ocean in Aomori, Japan. 

Vanderson Langjahr - vocals, guitars, keys, percussion 
Cheyenne Jensen - bass guitar, vocals 
E. Hanson - electric guitar, vocals 

all songs written and engineered by Vanderson Langjahr

This album was not released physically.


About Great Horned Owl

Vanderson Langjahr is a multi-instrumentalist and visual artist currently based in Portland, OR. Along with a rotating cast of musicians, he has been recording and releasing music as Great Horned Owl since 2012. 

Great Horned Owl is currently located in Portland, OR and is in the process of recording their 3rd full-length album.